Staten Island Sewage Mitigation

Sewage Mitigation in Staten Island NY

At Allstates Cleaning company we understand that sewage backup spills pose a major hazard to human health and real potential for life-threatening health problem.When sewage invades a structure, it involves rapid and appropriate sewage clean up is considerably more critical than ordinary water damage.

Sewage contains huge amounts of bacterias in addition to is a perfect growth environment for bacteria.

Contamination within the building can be affected by:

  • The quantity and solids content among the sewage
  • Whether a basement only or multiple levels are involved
  • What structural parts are suffering from the sewage
  • How long the sewage contamination could have been allowed to growsewage pollution thumb17380495 300x200 Staten Island Sewage Mitigation
  • How a building is used, and who uses the areas affected by sewage

Allstates Restoration: Sewage Cleanup Staten Island

Sewage Mitigation involves:

  • The essential containment process
  • Removal of sewage, water and organic matter
  • Thorough sanitation and disinfecting generally the salvageable building portions
  • Disposal of contaminated porous materials
  • Coordination of structural drying

From a sewage spill, human waste and organic and natural matter which is in the process of being sent to a treatment facility, tank or leakage field back flows or leaks right into a building. In a (water damage) abatement situation, sewer in and under buildings is typically from main line back flows. Main line sewage back flows in buildings need to be professionally mitigated, cleanup and disinfected. Quite often remediation includes the careful removal and disposal of all porous dry wall, oriental rug and insulation, followed by cleaning and sanitizing of inside wall cavities.

Category 1 Clean Water sewage spills consist of clean water from toilet tank overflow, or even a fresh water supply line that breaks. Allstates Cleaning & restoration treats such a spill like a fresh water cleanup. Bacteria probably exists across the toilet area, then, every bathrooms tend to be sanitized after clean up and thorough rinsing. Clean water contamination can become a grey water Category 2 contamination, if allowed to stand for long time.

Category 2 Grey Water spills consist of grey water or unsanitary water. Category 2 is water from a toilet bowl, sink drain, dishwasher, aquarium, or waterbed. Grey water contamination may go to a Category 3 contamination if allowed to stand

Category 3 Black Water spills consist of urine, feces, pathogens and other organic and natural matter. Category 3 black water contamination’s always have hazardous pathogens, and are grossly unsanitary. At Allstates restoration and cleaning Services, all black water sewage saturated absorbent building materials tend to be removed and replaced. We will bag and get rid of carpet and rug and pad; clean and disinfect water cavities and sill plates and totally dry the structure before re installation of new materials. Negative air machines with hepa filtration shall be used during the clean-up process. We’ve the ability to perform a test for residual pathogens before installing new building materials if needed.
At Allstates services we will always seek advice from an industrial hygienist or microbiologist. Allstates cleaning may also advise to the building occupants that they consult their medical specialist if they’ve health conditions or questions.

Staten Island Sewage Remediation Health and Safety

At Allstates Cleaning & restoration Services all emergency water removal response technicians include the highest regard for the health and safety of our clients. Our state of the art tools prevents our employees from exposure to sewage pathogens, and a professional and trained supervisor manages our technicians. Supervisors are responsible for employee contact with bio hazardous substances, and also the stringent health and safety standards of our company.

Sewage mitigation (remediation) standards are set with the industry to provide for the safe removal of pathogenic disease and effluents which have been associated with sewage. The (water damage in Staten Island) industry has incorporated information from CDC, USEPA and scientists to make written principles for the safe handling, containment and disposal of sewer backup and contaminated building materials. – Staten Island Sewage Mitigation Service

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