Cleaning Up Water Damage

Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore

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Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore NY – 9 Tips to Clean Bathroom Water Damage

Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore NY, Turn off Water If any pipes are leaking or broken, turn off the water immediately to prevent further leakage and damage. There should be a turn off handle behind the toilet, but if the leak is somewhere you may have to turn off the water for the whole house.

Remove Water
If there is any or a lot of water in the area, take the time to remove all of it before cleaning. Use towels, rags, a shop vac, or anything you can to make sure you get every bit.

Dry Items
Wipe down all walls, wood paneling, and any wood furniture in the room. Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore, Moist wood can mold and produce moisture quickly, causing a mold problem. It’s important to have every thing dried off in advance. After drying everything and removing all water, let everything dry off for a little while before beginning to clean.


Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore NY

Turn on the ceiling vent fan if you have one in the bathroom, and open any windows in or near the area as well. The more airflow, the better so also bring in any floor fans you have as well.

Launder Fabrics
Any towels, bath rugs, or any other launder-able item needs to dried and laundered immediately. Put on gloves and squeeze out any extra water. – Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore

Remove Debris
If there is any debris or dirt in the area, put on some gloves and boots and remove it as carefully and quickly as possible. Use industrial garbage bags and one-time use rags (You can get bags or boxes of industrial paper towels or rags at auto supplies stores for cheap) to clean and clear all the dirt away.

Make a basic mixture of bleach and water and go over all the walls, floors, and even ceiling with it. You can do this in parts (with all windows open!) because the smell will be strong, and the fumes aren’t really good for you.

Clean Normally
Once you’ve removed the debris and de-sanitized, you’ll have to wait awhile for the fumes to clear. Once this is done, get your regular bathroom cleaners and gloves and go through and clean like you would normally. Pay special attention to any wood paneling at the bottom of the sink and around anything touching the floor.

Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore NY

Check for Mold
With any water damage, there’s always a risk of mold. Once clean, go around the bathroom and check for signs of mold or structure damage. Feel the walls to make sure they aren’t soft, and look for any sort of discoloration. If you’re unsure, call in a water damage expert to take a look. – Cleaning Up Water Damage South Shore NY

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