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Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere – Pet Urine Damage Treatment And Odor Removal

Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere, Pet urine is notorious for causing permanent damage to your floors and fabrics and it can also make for an unhealthy indoor air environment.  If you’ve ever smelled old severely imbedded pet urine before, you may never be able to forget it ever again and you will frequently be reminded of it by way of similar odors which we will not go into here!  When urine first goes down onto a carpet, it has a pH level of about 5 or 6, and that is already on the acidic side of the scale. It is easier to remove right then and there when it is fresh because it may have not had a chance enough to make its way down through the padding and into the sub-flooring or foundation. Once it dries it turns alkaline and achieves a higher pH level between 10 to12 on the scale and becomes much more difficult to remove because of the oxidation that may have taken place. The warm acid state of the urine offers a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which will begin to multiply almost immediately.

It is in this original acid state when the urine begins to react with the carpet to create a color change, which will become permanent if the urine is not removed immediately. It’s called oxidation or oxidizing.  Some of this color change can be attributed to the strong ammonia that forms as the urine passes through its chemical and bacterial change.  Depending on the fabric or floor type, if left untreated for a long enough period (days or weeks) it will change the dye structure therefore causing permanent staining to occur.  Even if you were to remove the initial deposit, the damage to the dye structure may have already been done.

As far as odors go, there happens to be two sources associated with urine. The first comes from bacterial growth.  These bacteria can be fed daily from what seems to be abundant never ending sources, including your pet!  Bacteria growth and the breakdown of the urine create amino acids and this can present a challenging situation.  These complex organic compounds will often work deep into the fibers, beyond the backing, right down into the padding and through to the wood sub-flooring or concrete foundation even.  Most people don’t understand that even if they think they’ve cleaned it well enough on the surface with one of their own mini carpet cleaning machines, that the source of the problem will a lot of times be in the backing, padding, sub-flooring, and foundation.  These complex organic compounds also have the potential to become part of the carpet fibers.  The waste materials and gases from the decomposing urine will usually create an unpleasant odor.  When dried urine is remoistened it gives off an ammonia gas. If smelled once, it is rarely forgotten if severe enough believe me!

The second malodor source is a chemical odor that is present even when the bacteria have been killed. This is exactly why more than just sanitizing is necessary to neutralize odors from urine. Urine also presents additional odor problems when the humidity is high or climate is moist. The salts and crystals that are left behind as the urine dries are hydrophilic and draw water to them. Dried urine is often easy to smell in the most humid times of the year because the salts attract the moisture and the moisture evaporates, putting out a greater proportion of odorous ammonia gas. You must get rid of the urine salts in and under the carpet to get rid of the odor. That’s why cleaning existing urine spots on the carpet itself will not remove much of the associated odor if any. In fact, it could increase the odor in your homes indoor air environment for a temporary period of time until the conditions become drier once again only because you may have re-moistened the affected area, thus reactivating the old crystallized urine.

Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere

If you are going to attempt to try and fix the problem yourself, make sure you understand what products to avoid.  Try to stay away from products with a high pH level and that have things in them called “optical brighteners.” These products tend to leave residues behind on the carpet that may be in a high pH state, which will enable the carpet to attract dirt like a magnet and quite possibly react with the urine composition itself. In some instances the use of the wrong product can cause the urine stain to become permanent which most professional carpet cleaners describe as “setting the stain.” Stay away from products that have optical brighteners in them and always read the directions before use!  When attempting to clean up pet urine mishaps, make sure to use an absorbent material that will pull up rather than push down or spread and never put your own body weight onto the paper towel or absorbent material you are using as this will push the liquid further down into the underlying layers of material and quite possibly the sub-flooring or foundation.  Always blot lightly and remember to let the paper towel or absorbent material do the work as much as it can.  As professional carpet cleaners, we don’t endorse any over the counter retail products for liability purposes but we’ve “heard” that “nature’s miracle” seems to work pretty good.

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Mario Cowley is a quality carpet cleaner in San Diego, California. He is a member of the “QCCN” – Quality Carpet Cleaners Network. When he’s not working as a carpet cleaner, he uses his time to build websites for businesses in San Diego. For the best quality Carpet Cleaning San Diego has to offer, visit the author’s website. – Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere

Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere, Pet odor Removal Specialist!

Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere

Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere, Pet odor removal service this video shows pet urine odor damage to a home that had severe pet urine damage. The home also had a great deal of moisture damage from urine and odor removal products that only increased the amount of damage to the sub-flooring. Pet odor removal on this scale should be treated by professionals. – Concrete Odor Removal Grasmere
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